As the Sun goes into Capricorn, the exaltation sign for Mars, I am drecting my thoughts towards painting the third Graha (planet) Mars.

“Wearing red garments and clothes, a spear, trident and mace
and blessing, four armed is Mars riding a ram.”

Excerpts from my husband’s Graha Sutras

Mars is dressed in red, revealing his hot and active nature. His red garland indicates that he is worthy of honor for his many great and courageous deeds. He is four armed, revealing that he is a Graha that is active in the doings of the world and that he is not a ruling force of conciousness, as are the Sun and the Moon. His spear represents his focused and pointed pursuit, the trident his ability to transform and change through the strength of his will and his mace the ability to destroy when necessary. With his fourth hand he blesses one’s exertions so that they may be productive. Mars rides a ram, revealing that he is a master of challenges who is always willing to scale new heights and reach new grounds.