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Yes, you guessed it right! I am LOVING the masa paper!!!!

I just finished this last night..

Masa paper

This time instead of glueing it to a watercolor paper, I glued it to a 1/8th inch foam-core.

I have been wanting to try out Masa Paper for a long long time. It has been sitting at the very bottom of my art papers wating to get crinckled! 😉

Recently saw a thread on Wetcanvas by Jeanette which really inspired me to get going with it! Thanks a lot Jeanette! 😀

This is what the final painting looks like.

First I drew out the drawing on the smooth side of a 14×18 piece of masa paper.

Note: Masa paper has a smooth side and a fuzzy side. The smooth side is the top side, but that could be reversed for a slightly different effect.

Note to self: Next time I would be drawing it a bit darker as I almost lost all pencil lines by the time I was actually painting it!

I crinkled the masa paper up… yes this was the scary part! But I think next time it won’t be as scary 😉

Then I wet it under the running water in the sink, just for a 1/2 a minute or so, until it was soaked.

Now, I very carefully flattened it out on top of a couple of sheets of paper towels, making sure the drawing was on the bottom. So, in other other words, smooth side down and rough side top.
Here, I dropped in all kinds of colors almost randomly, that I thought I would be using on the fish.

The masa paper is a sized paper. But when we crinkle it, the sizing breaks at the crinkles and that is where the paint is going to seep into the paper and show up on the other side, giving it a batik-like effect.

I let this paper dry like this.

Next day, I turned it over. This is the front side. You can see the lovely crinkly effect this has.

Now, I squirted an acid-free water-based white glue on the back side, spread it very thinly and evenly everywhere and glued the masa paper to a half sheet (15″x22″) of watercolor paper. Use a brayer or a rolling pin to make sure it’s absolutely flat and roll out any bubbles.
Let this dry.

Now, I just picked up my brushes and started defining and painting the fish!

More color…

Painting on masa, you have to be very careful not to scrub or lift. You can’t use masking.

Starting on the background.

Almost done…

Finished! I will definitely be doing more of these! The colors seem so much more vibrant and I love the batik-like effect!