I have been playing with oils last couple of months and just following some tutorials from http://www.painting-tutorials-online.com to get a feel of them.
It’s been fun and some struggle. It’s just a different way of thinking.
I think I am beginning to understand why people call watercolor the most difficult medium to master. The oils just stay put wherever you glob them, while watercolors are so alive.  
On the other hand, while watercolors have always come easy too me, I am having a learning curve with oils. “Can’t I just leave the while of the canvas to represent white in my painting, like I do in watercolor? Do I have to paste on the Titanium White…. ewwww………..”
“But oh, they are so deep and they just glow!!!”
Here are a few of my small attempts at this amazing medium. I really really want to do some plein airs with oils. Hopefully soon!