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This Blue Vase can look so different from every angle and in different light. This is painted right before sundown. In fact the sun did go down right when I was done painting the vase. I put in the orchids from the picture I took.

Here are the first color impressions…

And the final:
Blue Vase
8″ x 10″
brush and oil

We have had some bad weather already so early. Strong winds and then thick frost last night. Most of my garden died from the frost. It was sad. But we had a nice warm day today with no wind. Taking advantage of that I went out to Willow Lake again. It was lovely.

All I could hear was the sound of water birds playing… Ducks, egrets, herons…. A beautiful day.

 Boulders 2
10″ x 8″
brush and oil

No post yesterday, as I had to go to a field trip with my kids to Phoenix. We went to the Musical Instrument Museum and Butterfly Wonderland. What fun!
So today I did two small paintings.
These roses  are blooming outside my house. Lovely… Tried to pull a Ovanes Berbarian style painting on these.. I don’t think I really hit it, but here is the painting:
6″ x 6″
brush and oil
Then I painted this pear. Just a simple pear…
Pear – Yellow
6″ x 6″
brush and oil
So today was a day to get out of the house and paint. Well… By the time I started thinking about it, the wind picked up… It is sooo windy! 
But anyway, I headed out to Willow Lake. A beautiful spot. It’s a reservoir that is built among these super cool granite boulders. Almost like Joshua Tree plus a lake. Well actually two lakes. Willow Lake and Watson Lake are next to each other surrounded by these super cool boulders. Every direction you turn is a new painting waiting to be painted! 

Looking for a piece of paradise!

First I thought of getting my feet feet by painting the water. But after I was done drawing it on my sketchbook… it just didn’t appeal to me anymore compared to the view around me.
I knew I really was there for the boulders, not the water…
Here is the first color block in…
And the final painting:
Boulders 1
8″ x 10″
brush and oil
Not a soul in sight. Prescott is beautiful. Needless to say I will be coming out here at the lakes to paint more often….
Crazy wind all day long so didn’t really feel like braving the wind and standing outside andpainting this mornig. 
Also was my son’s 13th birthday today! So it was just a busy knida day.
So I decided to put up my “extra” painting for today/ 
This nocturne I did a few days ago and was saving it for a day when I won’t be able to paint this month. So now I will have to have another one on hand as I will be gone on Thursday for a school field trip.
Almost Full-Nocturne
8″ x 10″
brush and oil

Crack an egg… Isn’t it fun to and see a bright orange yolk and jello-ey whites…
I hope I captured that right with my painting of the day…

I was out there this morning in the Sun with my cracked up Egg. By the time I was done painting, the egg yolk had somehow gotten contorted and dried up on top! Weird! Has anyone else noticed that?

Anyway here is the setup picture, while my yolk was still nice and pretty….

The compositional / value drawing and the final drawing on the canvas:

And now the fun begins… The initial color impressions. What’s in light – what’s in shadow? What’s warmer/cooler, brighter/duller, darker/lighter?

And here is the final:
Crack An Egg
8″ x 10″
brush and knife

Wow! 2/3rd dene with the challenge and I have 21 paintings done (I am ahead of the game so far but I know I have a kids’ field trip to go to one of the days and I won’t be able to paint that day. So all is good so far!
Today, well today was dedicated to Black! I put in a pear just for the contrast, but I don’t think I quite got it… Also I think I need to work on that pear as it appears to be floating. It’s just too bright against that black Orchid Pot behind it.
But it was actually quite bright in real life as well… Hmm.

Next couple pictures are the drawing and the initial color observations.

 And the finished painting:
12″ x 9″
knife and oil

Also, my love made me paint drying racks for my paintings… so I could watch them dry. And admire them while I watch them dry, I guess 🙂 Thank you Honey!
Can you believe, all but three of these are done in September! Woo Hoo!
So taking a break from my color series.. Well for today at least. Have been wanting to paint these pretty eggs. So here is one of each color. A Red (brown acutally), a White and a Blue (well a bluish-green).
Here is the setup. I had to glue the eggs to the plate with stick putty as they kept blowing in the breeze.
The first color impressions…
Put down what colors I am seeing in the major color masses.

Another go through to fix the color variations.
Here here is the finished painting. 
Red White and Blue
11.5 x 11
knife and oil