What a strange month! It passed by too quickly. It seemed like even before I got into the groove of painting a painting everyday, the month was over! Or in other words, it just didn’t feel like I painted 30, actually 29 paintings this month! I think partly because I mixed it up. Figure drawing once a week and figure painting session once a week. That took care of 7 paintings there. Then I did a lot of quick plein air landscape studies, which have double benefits! I paint a painting and then I go on a run wherever I was painting. Just recently did some still lives, which I love but they take time and I feel like I worked for them, but I only did a few of them. Big reason being that we had such a gorgeous and warm January! And I just wanted to be out of the house painting the lovely mountains and the air!

Funny though, the winter is here today. And you’ll be seeing a lot more still lives now, I am sure 😀

Here is a collage of all the artwork I did this month. Enjoy!