Monthly Archives: February 2014

I haven’t been able to go to the life drawing sessions on Saturdays last few weeks… Had been struggling with flu etc all month long. But finally today I did… and Oh, I was rusty. But it was so much fun. I tend to forget with art why I do it in the first place (when I lose my pace) until I start doing it. I have to remember that…

Today’s model was Julie, a new person, and she hasn’t modeled before much. But she was awesome! Her poses and her muscle tone was so good. Made it all the more fun to draw her. Here are a couple. Both 20 minutes.



As soon as the January challenge was over, I was hit with the flu, hard. I am finally able to resume my daily activities and get back to my weekly painting and drawing sessions.
This is what I am working at Monday Morning figure painting. Started it last week when I was still a “zombie” but made some progress today. I have one more session on this one still.
So, she gives me the impression of someone who has been waiting for her date for a while now. (that is going to be a flower vase in the back. Not a bottle of alcohol, BTW.)

What do you think I should call this one?

Stood up
Friday Night
The Black Dress

Any other suggestions?