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Our beautiful Monday model Rani.
So full of ideas and ambitions. She is a farmer, a musician, and everything else under the sun. She believes in self sustenance, growing your own food, composting, eating good and exercising.
Some may call her vagabond but I think she is a cool chick who loves to give and share and not scared to receive.
It was good to get to know her…

Thinking of YouThinking of You

oil, 16″ x 20″

Rani is our new model for Monday morning long figure painting. She is enthusiastic about farming, growing your own food, compost, compost teas, collecting seeds, and self sustenance. She is an amazing girl!

Here are my efforts to paint her from the last two Mondays and I have one more Monday with her.


Painting people- figures/portraits – bring out such deep emotions and feelings in me, that they are hard to describe. I feel like I have touched the souls of these models. Many times my hands begin shaking and it takes over my whole body.

I guess that is what they must call the zen moment.

I really appreciate these models. They are not just baring their bodies but they are also sharing their souls.

I finished the painting of Debbie yesterday at the figure painting group. By the end of the painting I wanted to run over and give her a hug and thank her, but I was too involved in finishing up the last strokes while she left. This middle aged woman was so full of ideas of the things she is doing and the things she wants to do. She’s a writer and a lyricist.



oil, 12″ x 16

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