Srishti Wilhelm Artist

Artist Statement

I love translating the beauty I find in Nature onto canvas. I also find myself connecting deeper to humanity, to the souls around me who give me the permission to let me translate them to my canvas through portraits. I find myself being an integral part of Nature by experiencing Her and Her creations through painting. Very much inspired by the beauty of the desert of the American Southwest, I love to transcribe that which moves me, the rocks, the plants and the mountains of the desert, and put them down on the canvas via my brush.

Although, I paint any and all of the above, my real subject is COLOR.

It is my search to see the color changes in the topography, whether it be the mountains, the trees, the rocks or the angle and form changes in the face of the model – in the shadow parts and the lit parts that inspires me and drives me over and over to put down those subtle color variations and make them apparent to the viewer and share with them the magic and beauty that I strive to see.


“Srishti is the Sanskrit word for all of God’s creation”.

It’s not easy to live up to that name. Something akin to crazy, wild, foolhardy, romantic would have been more my forte, but oh well, Srishti it is and I am loving trying to live up to it!


I was born and raised in Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan, a region of India known for its colorful arts and great warriors. Growing up in India -contrary to popular beliefs of a more slow-paced, social, colorful, festive life- actually meant a lot of schooling and tutoring and preparing for the future to be a part of the mold and fit in as a doctor or an engineer or secure your footing into the corporate world. And I was going that way, working hard, under immense pressure of getting into a medical school where only 3-4% of people make it in.

Somehow, between school breaks, I discovered a love and passion for drawing and painting and immersed myself into art as much as I could during those long and hot summer vacations. I was in love with pencil and brushes and drew and painted anything that I saw and fancied. By fifteen, art time ended due to the great workload the Indian high school student must endure in order to prepare for the future.

As time passed, I found myself going to programming school and loving it, art buried in the depths of my being. The next thing you know my life is in a whirlpool of my future husband Ernst falling in love with me at my first job, his efforts to woo me, me revolting against the whole Indian social taboo thing to be in love, almost eloping with my love, but finally getting married with my parents’ blessings in India and coming to big beautiful America and falling in love all over again with the land. Sounds like a Bollywood drama! Billionaires when it came to love but completely penniless financially we worked hard for years, buying diapers on credit cards, to build up our business – him as a teacher and me working with him building our software company and eventually selling software all over the world – while raising three amazing kids.

Srishti- Dowoods

One of those days in early 2007, Ernst invited me to start painting with him during nights and I rediscovered the breathtaking world of watercolors and then oils, impressionism and plein air. With ups and downs I have been constantly losing myself, finding myself, rediscovering myself and worshipping Creation with my paints and brushes.

The Southwest United States with its the rugged terrain, the mountains and the red rocks holds a special place in my heart. Here and there you will find me trying to translate the awe-inspiring beauty of the rocks and the mountains “en plein air”, rushing with the fast-changing light and shadows, trying to capture that one moment that stopped me in tracks; this is all when I am not growing food or running wild barefoot in the forest.

Exhibitions & Awards

Phippen Museum 45th Annual Western Art Show and Sale, Prescott, AZ – 2019

AWARD 43rd annual Juried Art Exhibit at Allied Arts of Yakima Valley, WA – 2010

Puyallup, WA Juried Fine Art Show – 2009

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