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Saturday Morning Figure Drawing

I have been lazy posting on my blog and have a backlog of two Saturdays! So here goes:

Saturday Morning Life drawing

This Saturday we had not one, but two models. A male and a female. They are dating and it was an interesting dynamic to draw them…. Enjoy!


Rani is our new model for Monday morning long figure painting. She is enthusiastic about farming, growing your own food, compost, compost teas, collecting seeds, and self sustenance. She is an amazing girl! Here are my efforts to paint her from the last two Mondays and I have one more Monday with her.

Our beautiful model from this Saturday Audrey. A very cool Hippie chick. This was her first time posing but it felt like she has been doing this for years! Here are a couple of 20 min drawings from the session.        

This Saturday our model was M’Lynn again. I have drawn her three times now and she does really well. /she knows her “stuff”. Gives us good poses from every angle and some foreshortened poses. So here are some drawings… Enjoy! On another note, My Monday morning model cancelled for yesterday so I have my painting Continue Reading


Here is the latest figure painting I am working on at the Monday Morning Figure painting group. Same model as last time, but a different pose; No black dress this time either! This is 12×16 as we only have one more Monday to work on it. Stay tuned!

Stood Up

I finished this one last Monday actually. But something about this February is strange… We are doing the same model again but a different pose. Click here to view a larger image and purchase information.

Saturday Morning Life Drawing – Julie

I haven’t been able to go to the life drawing sessions on Saturdays last few weeks… Had been struggling with flu etc all month long. But finally today I did… and Oh, I was rusty. But it was so much fun. I tend to forget with art why I do it in the first place Continue Reading

Three Peppers

A wintery windy day today. Looks like the weather is catching up, I sure do hope we get some snow, though I was really enjoying the warm January we had! So here is an indoor still life study for today. I haven’t painted under halogens in a long time. I have done all my paintings Continue Reading

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Srishti Wilhelm Srishti Wilhelm is an award winning Impressionist artist who paints plein air paintings from life in oil and watercolor.