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Boulders and wipe-downs…

I wiped down two paintings the other day…one after the other. One I hiked out for 1.5 miles lugging all my paint gear. Did a painting, but hated it so much that I wiped it fown and packed up and left. Then I did a nocturne, which I wiped out too…. Today I went back Continue Reading

Boulders 3 – Granite Dells

Yesterday I went out to Watson Lake to paint. It’s beautiful, but yesterday was free parking day and there were a lot of people. I like to be secluded with just me the paints and my thoughts when I am painting and it was irritating when people would come over and wonder about the, umm, Continue Reading

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Srishti Wilhelm Srishti Wilhelm is an award winning Impressionist artist who paints plein air paintings from life in oil and watercolor.