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Grapes – WIP

For their February show at the Red Co-op Gallery, where I have been showing my art, the theme for February is Red. I have the ambition of painting Red grapes…. but I wonder if I will succeed : I am terribly nervous about these grapes to read like grapes, on top of that, to look […]


KUJA “Wearing red garments and clothes, a spear, trident and maceand blessing, four armed is Mars riding a ram.” MARS RAM- ARIES The male sign of Mars Winsor & Newton Artist’s transparent watercolors. 14″ x 18″ Arches 140# paper !!!Critics please!!!


A little more progress…14×18 Arches CP 140# paperWinsor & Nwton artists’ watercolors. Gave him a Red garland and also started on the ram. Also darkened his clothes. ***************************


Kuja – Mars Here is Mr. Mars so far. He has been a lot of fun to paint so far. Lts more to go… His clothes need to get darker… almost blood red! And then of course there is Mr. Ram, the vehicle! ***********************************************


As the Sun goes into Capricorn, the exaltation sign for Mars, I am drecting my thoughts towards painting the third Graha (planet) Mars. “Wearing red garments and clothes, a spear, trident and maceand blessing, four armed is Mars riding a ram.”Excerpts from my husband’s Graha Sutras… Mars is dressed in red, revealing his hot and […]

Juried Art Exhibit

Allied Arts of Yakima Valley is currently holding the 41st Annual Juried Art Exhibit. From over 150 entries, 67 pieces by 51 local artists were selected by juror Esther Luttikhuizen. The Show started on June 5th, 2008 and will be running through July 27th, 2008. Of the 3 pieces that I submitted, the “Dogwood Branch” […]


Chandra – The Moon Second in the series of “The Grahas (Planets)” is the Moon, which comes after the Sun- Surya. The Moon is the planet of the mind… and is full of knowing. A planet with feminine qualities, Moon is the reflection of the Sun. He is the “Lord of the Night.” I think […]

My studio

To start off with my blog I though I should take you along for a tour of my art studio. Though I keep changing it all the time, this is how it is looking right now!

Ok, I finally have a blog!!!

Some of my friends have been insisting that I get a blog or some kind of a guest book where they could drop by, say hi, leave a comment etc. So here it is… I am still working on it… and don’t have much here for now, but will hopefully be populating it more soon.