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Saturday Morning Figure Drawing

Our charming model Angie. Fearless, adventurous and an amazing attitude about life. I really appreciated getting to know her.

Saturday Morning Figure Drawing

I haven't uploaded my Saturday morning life drawing pictures in a while but I am still at it! Here are some poses of Rose, Danielle, M'Lynn and Helga.

Saturday Morning Figure Drawing

Haven't posted my weekly life drawings in a few weeks, but here they are... Some 10 min and some 20 minute poses. Models Audrey, Julie, Helga and Natalie.

Saturday Morning Life Drawing

Our model this Saturday was Andrea. She is really pleasant, very nice person. She is a single mom and raising a 4year old.              

Saturday Morning Life Drawing

New model this Saturday: Shelby. Thought it was fitting because after drawing we went to a "50 years of Mustang" show! :D

Saturday Morning Figure Drawing

I have been lazy posting on my blog and have a backlog of two Saturdays! So here goes:

Saturday Morning Life drawing

This Saturday we had not one, but two models. A male and a female. They are dating and it was an interesting dynamic to draw them.... Enjoy!

Saturday Morning Life Drawing – Kathryn

Kathryn,  our model yesterday...  Enjoy!

Saturday Morning Life Drawing – Audrey

Our beautiful model from this Saturday Audrey. A very cool Hippie chick. This was her first time posing but it felt like she has been doing this for years! Here are a couple of 20 min drawings from the session.     &nb…

Saturday Morning Life Drawing – M’Lynn

This Saturday our model was M'Lynn again. I have drawn her three times now and she does really well. /she knows her "stuff". Gives us good poses from every angle and some foreshortened poses. So here are some drawings... Enjoy! On another…