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Cheese Please!
17.5 x 23 inches (I think my largest so far!) 😀
Arches 140# CP paper
mostly Winsor & Newton paints

Many thanks to “Emily Lagore” (mustcreate of wetcanvas) for her beautiful reference!

I have been a member of our local co-op gallery for the last two months. They are called “Red” and their theme for February is “Red” So everyone is supposed to create an artwork that is Red. These RED grapes are my contribution!

I think I am done with the grapes and the bowl. Now just have to do a shadow underneath the bowl and a BG.
I have painted all day long today (and my back is telling me that!)
The big part of the painting, the grapes are “done.”
Hmm… I might go back to darken a couple pf them…
I will see about that in end and see how everything looks
and if the grapes look balanced or not….
I don’t want all the grapes to look the same… some dark
and the others that are getting back lit, light and transparent.
The next step is the crystal bowl.
This would be a piece of cake.. (touchwood!)

Some more reds……..
A combination of ultramarine blue, pyrelene maroon,
alizarin crimson, scarlet lake,
ans maybe a touch here or there of sap green, tranparent pyrrol orange….
Starting to put vairious Reds and oranges to the grapes…
This is the scary stage :O
For their February show at the Red Co-op Gallery, where I have been showing my art, the theme for February is Red.

I have the ambition of painting Red grapes…. but I wonder if I will succeed : I am terribly nervous about these grapes to read like grapes, on top of that, to look like “Red grapes!”

This image is probably one of the most painted on wetcanvas. So here goes another one…

What you see so far is the violet underpainting in the grapes to define the dark areas.

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Srishti Wilhelm Srishti Wilhelm is an award winning Impressionist artist who paints plein air paintings from life in oil and watercolor.