Grapes – WIP (5)

I have painted all day long today (and my back is telling me that!)
The big part of the painting, the grapes are “done.”
Hmm… I might go back to darken a couple pf them…
I will see about that in end and see how everything looks
and if the grapes look balanced or not….
I don’t want all the grapes to look the same… some dark
and the others that are getting back lit, light and transparent.
The next step is the crystal bowl.
This would be a piece of cake.. (touchwood!)
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    PERUGINA ART says:

    Srishti, I am here in Aus, the other side of the world away jumping for joy and clapping – can you hear me?

    These are just fantastic! They are luminous and transparent and out of all the renditions I have seen of these now ‘famous grapes’ from the Wetcanvas IRL – yours I will go as far as to say, “Are the best darn grapes I have seen!” Bulla – peel me one NOW!

    I can’t wait to see your next progress shots of the crystal vase – if it comes out as good as these…well all I can say is … move over everyone… “Srishti is a comin’ through!”


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