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Here is another technique I played with from Nita Engle’s book How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself. Squirting water over already applied paint to make a wave Crest over itself.

Amazing indeed!

Cresting Waves
7″ x 10.5″
watercolor on paper

Finally got my brushes wet after a long time. Summers are always a busy time. Despite the longer days there is somehow never enough time for everything :O

I have been wanting to try out some of Nita Engle’s techniques from her book How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself. Really amazing book! Would really like to dive into it and play with the techniques.

Here is the first one I tried out today. Lots of fun with sqirting paint and water all over and try to make sense out of it 😀

How Fun!

Crashing Waves
7″ x 10.5″

Would really appreciate honest critique on compostion etc. Thanks for visiting ~ ~ ~

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Srishti Wilhelm Srishti Wilhelm is an award winning Impressionist artist who paints plein air paintings from life in oil and watercolor.