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Block Studies…

I have signed up for another workshop with Susan Sarback in June. Plein Air Landscape in Napa, CA.¬† ¬†While I am waiting for the workshop, I plan to do small studies helping me refine my color perception. So there will be plenty of block studies on different color backgrounds, in some different lighting conditions. Good Continue Reading

Color Explorations! (4)

Here are my violet blue and green wheels… Next I will be starting on my paintind and hopefully applying all the labor of painiting the Wheels!!! I decided to do this on the Watercolor Canvas 12×16 but one can do this on any surface… Walked over to Joanne’s fabrics this morning and found a nice Continue Reading

Color Explorations! (3)

Here are my Yellow Wheels: (DS Hansa Yellow Med; complementary: W. Violet) The two value wheels: White (of the paper) to pure hue:- Pure hue to black:- Intensity Wheel:Pure hue to no color:- See how when you add black to yellow you get beautiful olive colors; while adding complimentary violet gives gorgeous browns~~ Here are Continue Reading

Color Explorations! (2)

A particular color has the following properties:1. Hue: This essencially means what color it is: red/yellow/violet or blue, etc…2. Value:this is the darkness or the lightness of the color.3. Intensity: the brighness or dullness of a color. We take each hue and we do 3 color wheels for each. Two Value Wheels:From white to a Continue Reading

Color Explorations!

I am leading a class currently at Wetcanvas! on “Color Explorations” based on the book “COLOR” by Betty Edwards, who as you all know also wrote the amazing book on drawing “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” (I am also working through that book on the side as well.) I haven’t read the Continue Reading