Block Studies…

I have signed up for another workshop with Susan Sarback in June. Plein Air Landscape in Napa, CA. 

 While I am waiting for the workshop, I plan to do small studies helping me refine my color perception. So there will be plenty of block studies on different color backgrounds, in some different lighting conditions. Good thing is these are fast and I can finish these (at the moment) in less than 2 hours! I hope to get faster with these as I keep working on these. The speed will help me tremendously while trying to paint plein air landscape where light conditions and color key changes fast….
So Wish me Luck!
Here are some of the blocks I have done so far…
White – Outdoors – Noon Sunny – April

Yellow – Outdoors – Noon Sunny – April

Red – Indoors – Halogen – April

Violet – Indoors – Halogen – April

Orange – Outdoors – Evening – April
Be back with more…

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  1. Karen F. Rose
    Karen F. Rose says:

    I am so enjoying your art art reading your blog. I took a workshop with Camille Prezwodek and the block studies so remind me of the exercises we did with her.
    I love the look of your blog and hope you will conside not going to wordpress!

  2. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Hey Karen,
    Good to meet you… I was taking a look at your blog and websites… Wow! Beautiful landscapes…
    Yes I have been studying the Hensche school of Impressionism and took a couple of workshops with Susan Sarback last year. I might do a workshop with Camille sometime. She is quite amazing, right now I am just trying to find my direction in life 🙂

    So I was curious.. why did you say that hopefully I would not consider going to WordPress…
    I have actually been thinking of redesigning my website, as I am doing completely different stuff now and I need to put up my new artwork up and was considering consolidating the blog and website. If I did go to wordpress I would probably keep my blog design and port it to WP.

    Best Wishes…


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