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Ero on Yupo

Ero 14″ x 11″ Watercolor on Yupo This is my cute nephew Ero! I struggled so much painting this and started over at 4 times….That is a first for me, haven’t stuggled so much with painting, ever! But here it is 😀


14″ x 11″Watercolor  on YupoDone with the portraits of my 3 kids!  What fun!Thanks all for all the advice on how to handle and frame paintings on Yupo!


My son Himanshu… contemplating… always…11″ x 14″ on Yupo.. again!I love this stuff! 😀Tell me your experience with Yupo. Have you found any interesting ways to mount/frame it?Do you spray it with fixattive before framing under glass?


Hey all,Meet my daughter Kirika A.K.A Kiki A.K.A Reindeer! My first painting on Yupo, which was a lot of fun!11″x14″ on Yupo

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Srishti Wilhelm Srishti Wilhelm is an award winning Impressionist artist who paints plein air paintings from life in oil and watercolor.