My son Himanshu… contemplating… always…
11″ x 14″
on Yupo.. again!
I love this stuff! 😀
Tell me your experience with Yupo. Have you found any interesting ways to mount/frame it?
Do you spray it with fixattive before framing under glass?

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  1. Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith says:

    This looks really nice. Great job on the eyes.

    Yupo is so much fun to work with. Unlike anything else. I have not framed a Yupo painting yet, but a friend of mine has and just did it as you would paper, with matting to keep it away from the glass. Not sure if she uses fixative or not.

  2. Sandy Maudlin
    Sandy Maudlin says:

    Excellent. You have what it takes to paint on YUPO for sure. This is beautifully done.

    I don’t spray mine with fixative just in case I want to change something later (which has happened.) Mat under glass, fastening the YUPO sheet down on three sides. It actually stretches a bit in warmer weather.

    There’s also a way you can spray fixative, followed by several coats of a clear acrylic finish, (FUTURE floor wax works for this,) then frame without glass.

    I’m using Fluid acrylics on YUPO now and they do not need to be under glass at all if sealed under a polymer varnish. Give them a try, using them just as fluidly as watercolor. You can glaze and nothing lifts off. The effects are gorgeous.

    I love this painting.

  3. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Hey Sandy!
    Thanks so much for your encouraging comments and your great advice! Yes, I am thinking of framing it under glass… But perhaps even without glass!
    The tip about the future floor varnish is great! I think I have some laying around! 🙂
    If I frame it without glass how can I cradle it?
    Also thanks for letting me know that it might expand a bit in hot weather! I wouldn’t have known! :O

    Oh, and I just got a small sampler of fluid acrylics to play with! Will definitely try them out on yupo! 😀


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