WIP- Rahu 3

Here is where I reached the day before... I hink Rahu himself is all done.Jst have to paint his steed, the lion now!

WIP- Rahu 2

I worked today mostly on the adornments Rahu is wearing.Since Rahu is the North Node, he is the one causing eclipses according to Indian mythology.I am trying to an effect of him being in front of the glowing Sun/Moon as if he's eclipsing them.

WIP- Rahu

The North Node- RAHUI have been working on Rahu, the 8th planet.“Gaping mouthed, sword, shield, trident, granting wishes,on a lion and dark colored is fixed Rahu.”Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: Graha Shanti, 12Rahu is four armed revealing…

Poinsettias II- Experiment on PhotoPaper

Got this wild idea from Myrna Wacknov to paint on Photo paper. I have been wanting to check out Yupo and thought this might give me an idea of what Yupo might be like...Well it was very interesting for sure! The photo papers have this film on…

Orchid Medley – "sold"

My painting below "Orchid Medley" got sold *YIPEE* the next business day after it was shown!!!! that was 4 days after I finished painting it!!!!! This is my FIRST sale so I am very very excited!!!!! :D