WIP- Rahu

The North Node- RAHU
I have been working on Rahu, the 8th planet.
“Gaping mouthed, sword, shield, trident, granting wishes,
on a lion and dark colored is fixed Rahu.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: Graha Shanti, 12

Rahu is four armed revealing that he is a Graha of worldly activity where Rahu forces us to develop where we have been lax so that we become balanced in our strengths. Rahu’s sword reveals his noble behavior, especially in times of conflict, a behavior we are in need of learning in respect to the Bhava in which Rahu is placed. Honoring Rahu helps to develop the needed behavior. With his shield Rahu protects himself from the many dangers in which he finds himself. How often do we find ourselves in crazy situations, only to have our worst fears not materialize, or not be as dreaded as we had imagined? This is Rahu’s shield buffering us. Rahu’s trident reveals the transformations that he brings upon us as we engage, with great inexperience, in those things that he directs us towards. With his fourth hand Rahu blesses us to engage materially so that we can become immortal spiritually.

Rahu rides a lion, revealing his mastery of the physical realm. Where Rahu is, we need to become king and master. Honoring Rahu helps us to become this king.

Rahu is dark; he thus obscures things, makes our future unforeseeable, and gives us cause for wonder and fear. Embracing this darkness of the unknown is to embrace life, which is all we need to do to manage Rahu. Rahu’s gaping mouth makes his a fierce appearance, which symbolizes Rahu’s tendency to pull us into the most intense experiences.

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