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Impressionist painting with thick brushstrokes painted in the style of the French Impressionists. Painting of the statue of Autumn in St. Petersburg, Florida.Srishti Wilhelm

So difficult, though!

In response to my last article about Authentic Impressionism and Mindfulness a reader responded… “So Difficult, though!” And I agree. It is a practice. It is being aware - of where our awareness is at every moment of our conscious…

Authentic Impressionism & Mindfulness

Imagine if this moment was the first time you ever opened your eyes; you look at the world with the eyes of a newborn baby. You wouldn’t know if that thing before you is a tree, a rock, a house or a mountain. You don’t know what a flower…
Painting from life of roses in a blue vase by Srishti WilhelmSrishti Wilhelm

Feeling Alive

The story of how I am trying to emerge from a "cubicle" painter to an artist who wishes to feel alive. If you want to skip to the story, you may want to go ahead and scroll down towards the bottom where the images are, or continue reading for…

Tag Archive for: impressionism