Monthly Archives: July 2008

Allied Arts of Yakima Valley is currently holding the 41st Annual Juried Art Exhibit. From over 150 entries, 67 pieces by 51 local artists were selected by juror Esther Luttikhuizen. The Show started on June 5th, 2008 and will be running through July 27th, 2008.

Of the 3 pieces that I submitted, the “Dogwood Branch” got picked against all my expectations! I had high hopes for the other two 😉

Here I am with the “Dogwood Branch!”

Chandra – The Moon

Second in the series of “The Grahas (Planets)” is the Moon, which comes after the Sun- Surya.

The Moon is the planet of the mind… and is full of knowing. A planet with feminine qualities, Moon is the reflection of the Sun.

He is the “Lord of the Night.”

I think I am done with his face. Critics please… Do you think thebackground is too loud/distracting?
To start off with my blog I though I should take you along for a tour of my art studio.

Though I keep changing it all the time, this is how it is looking right now!