My studio

To start off with my blog I though I should take you along for a tour of my art studio.

Though I keep changing it all the time, this is how it is looking right now!

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    PERUGINA ART says:

    Hi there…coffee please 🙂 sugar!

    This is exciting…a look into your world…. and you first real official post with photos too…after many days of checking in you cannot imagine my excitement.

    A great space Srishti where you create your art…. imagine now all the works that are too come… this should motivate you to get “cracking” (as we say here in Aus) with those paintings…

    Don’t leave us waiting too long.
    Next post please:)

  2. SrishtiArt
    SrishtiArt says:

    Thank you Perugina…. The summer has been keeping me on my toes! Besides work (finishing up a new version of our software,) the kids are home for summer vacation, there are millions of weeds to pull, and we will be having family visit in 10 days…{wiping sweat off my brows} 😉
    So it’s been fun busy, but I have been slowing working on the Moon… Want to post the WIP here next, so you can see my slow progress…. 😀
    I hope the coffee was good? See you around… I love both of your latest…. the Mags and the gums 😀
    Just gorgeous!!!!


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