Chandra – The Moon

Second in the series of “The Grahas (Planets)” is the Moon, which comes after the Sun- Surya.

The Moon is the planet of the mind… and is full of knowing. A planet with feminine qualities, Moon is the reflection of the Sun.

He is the “Lord of the Night.”

I think I am done with his face. Critics please… Do you think thebackground is too loud/distracting?
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    PERUGINA ART says:

    Hi Srishti, this makes a timely appearance… The Moon being the ruling planet of the sign Cancer, which I am.
    How can I not like this piece!
    Will follow with great interest.
    It’s looking great…no I don’t think the BG is too loud… can see some interesting shapes beneath.
    Will await their emergence.

  2. SrishtiArt
    SrishtiArt says:

    Yes, Perugina!!! Moon the ruler of Cancer… I started this a month ago but I am only fully inspired to do this now…when the Sun is going through Cancer!
    A very interesting fact I noticed a few days ago is that some of my very favorite watercolorists… You, Monique (a good friend) and Kory Fluckiger(I am his great fan) they all are Cancer Sun-signs…
    And Moon and thus Cancer rules water and so it also rules watercolors and watercolorists!!!!

    Is that Cool or what 😉

    PERUGINA ART says:

    Srishti, I have never made this connection, knowing Cancer is a water sign… could this be why I have gravitated to watercolour?…mmmm…interesting to ponder.

    Fancy that having the inspiration to get this going when the Sun is through Cancer…wow

    I tried clicking onto Kory’s Link here a few days back, it wouldn’t let me through, apparently you need a password.

  4. SrishtiArt
    SrishtiArt says:

    Perugina… Kory’s links are working… at leaset for me… 🙁 Hmm
    Were you able to to his website :
    He’s awesome….. I just love his work…………

    Anyway.. talking about the water sign Cancer… Fancy this: My Ascendent Lord Mars (I am a scorpio rising) is in Cancer together with Saturn who is my 3rd lord. The 3rd house rules skills, like art etc.

    PERUGINA ART says:

    Wow, you really seem to know about starsigns. I don’t really know much about them other than what my sign is…sounds interesting though and would love to understand it in depth.

    My Mum can’t remember what time i was born exactly… so i can’t get a full chart made. What a shame because I think I am cursed with all the attributes of Cancer amplified… lol… it really is no laughing matter…


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