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It’s weekend again! Yay! That means I was able to coax my son into sitting for me. They are such good kids… Here is my 13 year old son “Himanshu”, being so patient. 🙂
The drawing
First color Notes
And the finish
Himanshu -2
9″ x 12″
oil on panel
We had to run out to hte kids’ fall festival at school after that, I will have to take a better picture and post it later. But this wasfun!
Hiked out behind Willow Lake today again looking for inspiration. Soon as I was out of the rocks, facing towards the lake, I had this view. Dropped the painting gear right there and started painting.
First Block in:
And here is where it’s at… It’s definitely not a finish… But far as it went:
Boulders and Lake
12″ x 9″
oil on canvas panel
As I was near the end.. a coyote showed up. I was a bit nervous and he was a bit nervous… He circled around me, watching me and finally headed off to where ever he was headed to. I packed up my gear and headed back too.
My 11 year old daughter Kiki sat so patiently for me today. Can’t wait for next weekend, I have 2 more kids that I can paint! This was a lot of fun. After my last few disappointments, I found myself smiling the whole time painting this. Doing portraits is one of my favorite things, for sure.
Kiki – 2
9″ x 12″
oil on panel
Painting portraits against bright light, when you can’t really judge the features of your model, was a tradition started in the Cape Cod school. The reason being that you are not caught trying to paint the likeliness of the model but the color relationships. These were called “Mudheads” for apparent reason.

I wiped down two paintings the other day…one after the other. One I hiked out for 1.5 miles lugging all my paint gear. Did a painting, but hated it so much that I wiped it fown and packed up and left. Then I did a nocturne, which I wiped out too….
Today I went back to the Granite Dells.
What a lovely day again! Just Granite, me, the lake and ducks.
Here is the painting. I will sign it, take a better picture and put it on my website soon.
Boulders – 4
9″ x 12″
oil on panel
Did another one after this one, but that is is going to be a wipe-down as well…
So this is the huge granite mountain that stands grandly close to our house. I have done several paintings of it in several different moods. This is not the same as the Little Granite Peak that I have been doing the day series of.
It has been cold, windy, rain, and today we even had some snow on the mountain.
Here is  the view as it was yesterday. Just Cloudy…

Here are the initial color notes:
And the final painting:
Granite Mountain, cloudy fall afternoon
12″ x 9″
oil on canvas


Today around noon, partly cloudy… Can you barely see some snow on top of the mountain?
Initial color statements:
Granite Mountain,  partly cloudy, fall noon
12″ x 9″
oil on canvas
Part 3 in this series where I am painting same scene at different times of day, capturing the color and light difference. Today I got to my painting spot for a late afternoon/sunset painting.
The air here is so clean that we don’t get those gorgeous sunrise and sunsets as some other places do.
The view is west from me, so the sunrise was hitting right on the hill making it glow orange as you can see in the previous post. While at sunset the sun goes behind the hill making it glow with a different beauty of magenta and blues
This painting was finished from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.
Here is the view:

the initial impressions:
And the final painiting
Little Granite Mountain – Late Afternoon
12″ x 9″

Good Morning! 
Here is the beginning of a new series. I am painting the same view in different lights. At different times of the day. To be able to perceive the color differences at various times of day. I would probably extend this to different seasons, weather. 
I was hoping to start with pre-sunrise, but I didn’t quite make it. So that will have to be on another day.
 So the first one was painted at the sunrise. It was freezing yesterday morning! Brrrrr…. The light was beautiful, but changing so fast. I finished this study in 20 minutes.
Little Granite Peak – Sunrise
Today I went out at 9:30 to catch a late morning scene. Wow! It’s just lovely out there right now. There have to be at least a few billion flowers in bloom….

 Here are the first color impressions…

And the finished painting:
Little Granite Peak – Late Morning
12″ x 9″

Let’s see what I catch tomorrow!