Himanshu – 2

It’s weekend again! Yay! That means I was able to coax my son into sitting for me. They are such good kids… Here is my 13 year old son “Himanshu”, being so patient. 🙂
The drawing
First color Notes
And the finish
Himanshu -2
9″ x 12″
oil on panel
We had to run out to hte kids’ fall festival at school after that, I will have to take a better picture and post it later. But this wasfun!
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  1. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Hey Prearana… I had been going back and forth between combining my blog and my website. And was finally able to move my blogger blog here to WP. Haven’t started working on the theme yet. So it is a mess. But one step at a time 🙂


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