Time of Day series 1 & 2

Good Morning! 
Here is the beginning of a new series. I am painting the same view in different lights. At different times of the day. To be able to perceive the color differences at various times of day. I would probably extend this to different seasons, weather. 
I was hoping to start with pre-sunrise, but I didn’t quite make it. So that will have to be on another day.
 So the first one was painted at the sunrise. It was freezing yesterday morning! Brrrrr…. The light was beautiful, but changing so fast. I finished this study in 20 minutes.
Little Granite Peak – Sunrise
Today I went out at 9:30 to catch a late morning scene. Wow! It’s just lovely out there right now. There have to be at least a few billion flowers in bloom….

 Here are the first color impressions…

And the finished painting:
Little Granite Peak – Late Morning
12″ x 9″

Let’s see what I catch tomorrow!
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