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Paperwhites, Day 6 of 30

Paperwhites 12″ x 12″ oil on panel Click here to purchase Yes, yes, I know I skipped right over the day 5, but I will catch up. Me and my husband are busy remodeling my new art studio, I will post some pictures soon. And also I have been super consumed by rebuilding my website. Continue Reading

Day 27 of 30 in 30

No post yesterday, as I had to go to a field trip with my kids to Phoenix. We went to the Musical Instrument Museum and Butterfly Wonderland. What fun! So today I did two small paintings. These roses  are blooming outside my house. Lovely… Tried to pull a Ovanes Berbarian style painting on these.. I Continue Reading

Abstract Florals

I have been having a blast painting these loose Abstract Floral vases. Just trying the various combinations from the color wheel and going for it. Thanks a lot to the Loose Florals from splatters DVD  by Robert Burridge! Bouquet 1 10″ x 10″ Acrylics on Paper FOR SALE Bouquet 2 10″ x 10″ Acrylics on Paper FOR Continue Reading

Bouquet in Blue

Bouquet in Blue 22″ x 30″  Acrylic on paper Highly inspired by Robert Burridge. My first full sheet of watercolor paper!!! And it wasn’t ever hard 😉 Childish enough to hang in my kids’ rooms?

Phalaenopsis- on Masa

Yes, you guessed it right! I am LOVING the masa paper!!!! I just finished this last night.. Phalaenopsis14″x18″Masa paper This time instead of glueing it to a watercolor paper, I glued it to a 1/8th inch foam-core.

"Scented Symphony" -Clematis

I made some changes on hte clematis painitng and also got a really awesome name for it 😀 So it is the final-final… “Scented Symphony“16″ x 12″W&N hot press paper

Clematis- WIP

Here is another one I just finished yesterday, again exploring a similar technique as “here comes the sun.” Poured Masking and the first pour of yellow and red. Finished painting:“Clematis” (for the lack of a better name!)Transparent Watercolor12″x16″Winsor & Newton Hot Press Finding the darkest spaces… Some negative & positive painting… A second pour of Continue Reading

Sunkissed- WIP

I just started this yesterday. 12×16 inches on Fredrix watercolor canvas I am experimanting with Stephen Blackburn‘s technique of pouring the masking fluid. 1. First poured the MF, and let it flow around a bit…2. Then I poured my yellow (Hansa yellow Med DS) and Quin Magenta(W&N).3. After this dried I pulled out the MF. Continue Reading

Got this wild idea from Myrna Wacknov to paint on Photo paper. I have been wanting to check out Yupo and thought this might give me an idea of what Yupo might be like…Well it was very interesting for sure! The photo papers have this film on them which when gets wet, gets all strange-ly Continue Reading

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Srishti Wilhelm Srishti Wilhelm is an award winning Impressionist artist who paints plein air paintings from life in oil and watercolor.