Bouquet in Blue

Bouquet in Blue
22″ x 30″ 
Acrylic on paper
Highly inspired by Robert Burridge. My first full sheet of watercolor paper!!! And it wasn’t ever hard 😉
Childish enough to hang in my kids’ rooms?
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  1. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Hi Srishti!!! Nice to meet you! Wow it’s great to see you do so much art Keep it up, never give it up… 🙂
    Your uncle did an awesome job making your blog! I love it!
    I tried leaving comments on your blog, but seems like the comments are turned off 🙁 Perhaps your uncle can look into it… Let me know when it’s fixed 😀

  2. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Hi Srishti,
    I tried again, but for some reason, I can’t post any comments on your blog! I don’t see a comment area below your posts and also soon as I go to your blog,I get signed out of blogger 🙁
    Anyway, the drawinga are really amazing though!!!! Keep it up!
    BEst Wishes


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