Sunkissed- WIP

I just started this yesterday.

12×16 inches on Fredrix watercolor canvas

I am experimanting with Stephen Blackburn‘s technique of pouring the masking fluid.

1. First poured the MF, and let it flow around a bit…
2. Then I poured my yellow (Hansa yellow Med DS) and Quin Magenta(W&N).
3. After this dried I pulled out the MF. and did a secong pour of some more yellow and magenta and some Phtalo Blue Green Shade(W&N) on the bottom.
4. I put in some drops of MF in the center for a spark.
5. Then I started developing some petals using Ultramarine Turquoise(DS), Quin Gold Deep(DS), Transparent Pyrrole Orange(DS), and Hansa yellow med (DS).
And here it is:

Some more petals:

And here I put in the first wash in the center with Ultramarine Turquoise & Transp. Pyrrole Orange.

So here it stands… I’LL BE BACK

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  1. Scott McD.
    Scott McD. says:

    Hi Srishti. You have a neat web site too. I particularly like the way you can look at the gallery by year. The improvement is clear. That’s also about the time I started working on my art seriously too.

    Scott McD. (sequentialscott from WetCanvas)


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