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Nyssa, Day 7 of 30

I was gone most of the day today, but sat down tonight to do a drawing of my little niece, lest I would be two behind. So here is my little niece “Nyssa”. A couple of step by step pictures as well. It’s too dark to take better pictures, perhaps I’ll scan it in tomorrow… Continue Reading

Persian Princess

Back home to watercolor but with an acrylic twist! Persian Princess- Chilero11×14Acrylic on cradled board with canvas textureFOR SALE Loved working on this! Haven’t done a real watercolor in so long that I almost cried at the delight of watching the paint run all over and do it’s watercolor-ey thing!To top that it’s actually acrylic Continue Reading


Emerging 16″ x 20″ Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Stretched Canvas A sort of “emergence” / divergence for me from the usual watercolor. The technique highly inspired by Michael Shapcott… very liberating actually. I had a lot of fun! This was inspired by a sketch I did of my 8 year old daughter who Continue Reading

Ero on Yupo

Ero 14″ x 11″ Watercolor on Yupo This is my cute nephew Ero! I struggled so much painting this and started over at 4 times….That is a first for me, haven’t stuggled so much with painting, ever! But here it is 😀


14″ x 11″Watercolor  on YupoDone with the portraits of my 3 kids!  What fun!Thanks all for all the advice on how to handle and frame paintings on Yupo!


My son Himanshu… contemplating… always…11″ x 14″ on Yupo.. again!I love this stuff! 😀Tell me your experience with Yupo. Have you found any interesting ways to mount/frame it?Do you spray it with fixattive before framing under glass?


Hey all,Meet my daughter Kirika A.K.A Kiki A.K.A Reindeer! My first painting on Yupo, which was a lot of fun!11″x14″ on Yupo