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Looking East-Winter-5pm

Another one from the gorgeous view that you get when you climb up the hill behind our house. It just about a 360 degree panoramic view. From Bill Williams mountain in the north to the San Francisco peaks at the base of which Flagstaff is situated. Then as you look east, these typical Arizonan mesa Continue Reading

Time of the Day Series – 5

Little Granite peak at 2 pm this time. The weather was beautiful and clear and warm. Only a limited of these left this year. Winter is approaching fast. And here is the painting: Little Granite Peak – 2pm fall clear sunny day I need to take a better picture… 😛

So this is the huge granite mountain that stands grandly close to our house. I have done several paintings of it in several different moods. This is not the same as the Little Granite Peak that I have been doing the day series of. It has been cold, windy, rain, and today we even had Continue Reading

Time of Day Series – 4

Today was cloudy… I went out to my painting spot at the same time as yesterday… about 4 and did a Cloudy Evening painting. Unfortunately, my phone battery was dead.. so I wan’t able to take a picture of the location.. bummer, I like doing that. But here is the painting:  Little Granite Creek – Continue Reading

Time of Day Series 3

Part 3 in this series where I am painting same scene at different times of day, capturing the color and light difference. Today I got to my painting spot for a late afternoon/sunset painting. The air here is so clean that we don’t get those gorgeous sunrise and sunsets as some other places do. The Continue Reading

Time of Day series 1 & 2

Good Morning!  Here is the beginning of a new series. I am painting the same view in different lights. At different times of the day. To be able to perceive the color differences at various times of day. I would probably extend this to different seasons, weather.  I was hoping to start with pre-sunrise, but Continue Reading

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Srishti Wilhelm Srishti Wilhelm is an award winning Impressionist artist who paints plein air paintings from life in oil and watercolor.