Looking East-Winter-5pm

Another one from the gorgeous view that you get when you climb up the hill behind our house. It just about a 360 degree panoramic view. From Bill Williams mountain in the north to the San Francisco peaks at the base of which Flagstaff is situated. Then as you look east, these typical Arizonan mesa looking mountains stick out, catching the sun rays in their own ways as the day progresses. Today was an exceptional day, I think, as when I got up the hill, I could see that there was some “smog” in the air. Could just as well be a fire as we are having an unusually dry and warm winter. So the air was not as clear as we have it just about everyday. This “smog”, as I was saying gave it unusual colors as the sun went down. From oranges to pinks. Wow, what a view. I wish I had a time stopping device so I could paint a different painting every 15 minutes of time passage. But I am planning to go up there and do a series of the color of the air at different times.

10″ x 8″
oil on panel
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