Phippen Western Art Show 2019

I was thrilled to be juried in to the prestigious Phippen Museum Art Show this year and spent last five months painting away mostly Prescott area landscapes. The show was on the Memorial Day weekend, in my hometown of Prescott, AZ. It was a huge success for me, a first timer, and I enjoyed it very much, despite the constant anxiety of the last 5 months that was nabbing away at me. The anxiety had to do with the Quick Draw! The Quick Draw event is held at the Phippen show where all the participating artist gather together and they finish a painting in an hour. All the paintings are then auctioned off right there at the courthouse square.

I decided to paint my cowboy (my husband, Ernst) from life, for the Quick Draw. It was quite nerve-wracking as in the middle of it the sun went behind the clouds a few times.

My way of painting is impressionism where I actually train my eyes to see the minute color variations in the subject. it’s not just the darker and lighter values of a color but every form change is a color change. And, so, having lost the sun behind the clouds a few times in the middle of the process is devastating in a time-restricted environment as the colors that I started with would just go away…

Yikes! But luckily I was able to finish the painting in 1 hour, sign it, frame it and got it auctioned!!! This was very exciting and I am already
looking forward to the next year.

Thank you so much to all the friends, family and supporters to make it possible. I am so thrilled to have met and made lots of new friends and art lovers. thank you so much for dropping by my booth and buy my artwork! I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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