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Vinja, Day 22 of 30 in 30

The chill of the winter is coming back in and I just didn't have it in me to go out in the cold and paint. So I stayed inside and drew. Here is a portrait of my 8 year old niece, Vinja. Vinja 9" x 12" col-erase pencil on strathmore…

Nyssa, Day 7 of 30

I was gone most of the day today, but sat down tonight to do a drawing of my little niece, lest I would be two behind. So here is my little niece "Nyssa". A couple of step by step pictures as well. It's too dark to take better pictures,…

Himanshu – 2

It's weekend again! Yay! That means I was able to coax my son into sitting for me. They are such good kids... Here is my 13 year old son "Himanshu", being so patient. :) The drawing First color Notes And the finish Himanshu -2 9"…

Kiki – 2

My 11 year old daughter Kiki sat so patiently for me today. Can't wait for next weekend, I have 2 more kids that I can paint! This was a lot of fun. After my last few disappointments, I found myself smiling the whole time painting this. Doing…

Persian Princess

Back home to watercolor but with an acrylic twist!Persian Princess- Chilero11x14Acrylic on cradled board with canvas textureFOR SALELoved working on this! Haven't done a real watercolor in so long that I almost cried at the delight of watching…


Emerging16" x 20"Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Stretched CanvasA sort of "emergence" / divergence for me from the usual watercolor. The technique highly inspired by Michael Shapcott... very liberating actually. I had a lot of fun!This was inspired…

Ero on Yupo

Ero14" x 11"Watercolor on YupoThis is my cute nephew Ero! I struggled so much painting this and started over at 4 times....That is a first for me, haven't stuggled so much with painting, ever!But here it is :D


14" x 11"Watercolor  on YupoDone with the portraits of my 3 kids!  What fun!Thanks all for all the advice on how to handle and frame paintings on Yupo!


My son Himanshu... contemplating... always...11" x 14" on Yupo.. again!I love this stuff! :DTell me your experience with Yupo. Have you found any interesting ways to mount/frame it?Do you spray it with fixattive before framing under glass?


Hey all,Meet my daughter Kirika A.K.A Kiki A.K.A Reindeer!My first painting on Yupo, which was a lot of fun!11"x14" on Yupo