Mercury – finished

Here's Budha-Mucury. He's been finished fro a few days now, but I finally managed to take a picture! Budha - Mercury14" x 18"Watercolor

Mercury – WIP 2

I have been busy with making a couple of websites for some Artists and for my Art Co-op Gallery.So haven't gotten much painting in the last 40 days :OHave been on and off working with Mercury (again, more off than on ;)Here he is, at the end…

Mercury – WIP

Mercury, my next Graha(planet), though not well situated in the heavens right now, happens to be in exaltation for the next 5-6 hours in the Navamsa (the 9th divisional chart.)So I am squeezing in a start for Mercury though as I write it's already…

Grapes – Finished

Cheese Please!17.5 x 23 inches (I think my largest so far!) :DArches 140# CP papermostly Winsor & Newton paintsMany thanks to "Emily Lagore" (mustcreate of wetcanvas) for her beautiful reference!I have been a member of our local co-op gallery…

Grapes – WIP (8)

I think I am done with the grapes and the bowl. Now just have to do a shadow underneath the bowl and a BG.

Grapes – WIP (7)

Another glaze on the bowl. I still need to go darker on the bowl to make it sparkle!

Grapes – WIP (6)

After one glaze on the crystal bowl.

Grapes – WIP (5)

Phew....I have painted all day long today (and my back is telling me that!)The big part of the painting, the grapes are "done."Hmm... I might go back to darken a couple pf them...I will see about that in end and see how everything looksand…

Grapes – WIP (4)

Some more reds........ A combination of ultramarine blue, pyrelene maroon, alizarin crimson, scarlet lake, ans maybe a touch here or there of sap green, tranparent pyrrol orange....