Mercury – WIP

Mercury, my next Graha(planet), though not well situated in the heavens right now, happens to be in exaltation for the next 5-6 hours in the Navamsa (the 9th divisional chart.)

So I am squeezing in a start for Mercury though as I write it’s already 10:30 PM. I know I won’t be able to draw him out, but there is always time for a blog entry!


“Wearing yellow garlands and clothes, brilliant like a Karnika flower (a brilliant white flower),

handling a sword, shield and mace on a lion and blessing is Mercury.”

Yellow is the color of nobility, thus Mercury’s yellow garlands and clothes reveal that he behaves in a noble manner. Mercury is the “Young Sovereign.” His garland represents that he is worthy to be honored for his many abilities. His brilliance is the result of his vibrant pursuit and enthusiastic personality.

Mercury’s sword reveals his honor, especially in the times of conflict. His shield represents his ability to protect himself from dangers, which Mercury does through the effective management of problems and through avoiding potential problems. His mace represents his ability to destroy when necessary. His fourth hand blesses with productivity and the successful realization of one’s projects.

Mercury rides a lion, which symbolizes his mastery of the material realm and his ability to be a successful mover and shaker in the world. Mercury’s mastery is revealed by Mercury’s Mahapurusha Yoga: Bhadra Yoga (formed by Mercury being in an angle in own or exaltation Rasi), which is said to create a great leader and an individual of accomplishment.

–excerpt from my husband’s Graha Sutras.
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