Day 12 of 30 in 30

Wow! What an eventful day…Got started on a new series of paintings… And fixed some bugs on our software that me my my husband create and some problems on our business website, exercised, cleaned the kitchen/living area. We are taking care of our neighbors’ checkens while they are away, and one of their chickens passed away. So me and the kids went over, had a burial for her. Found a ton of tomatoes in hteir back yard that were going bad… picked bag full of tomatoes and gave some to the chickens. Phew! And now I am ready to post my painting no 12 of September.
So I was reading that Sergei Bongart would have his students paint a few objects of the same color so they could learn to paint the hue differences between the objects of the same color. I think that is a very good exercise to be able to judge color. This is just the beginning and I know I could have done better, but it’s a start.
Here is the setup. Three yellow “fruits.”

The thumbnail…

Drawing on the canvas panel…
The first stage of perceiving the color differences.
And here is the finished painting……
12″ x 9″
knife and oil
Now that I see it on the computer, I can tell that the shadow part of the crook of hte squash should be darker. I will go in and fix that up later…
See you tomorrow….

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