30 Days of September

I finished 30 paintings in 30 days in September. Wow! I am so very happy about it. This has taken me a long ways from when I started this a month ago. I have learnt a lot and experienced a lot.
It’s been a very internal journey as well. I have grown as a person and have contemplated  on my inner life and goals.
Funny thing is, that I should feel like I have accomplished a lot, but it doesn’t feel like that. After painting for 30 days and waking up everyday thinking of what I am going to paint today, makes painting part of your life, part of your being. So, after 30 days you don’t feel like a big relief that, great, you are done. It actually puts you in the habit of painting and makes it a part of who you are and what you do.
 It turns you into an Artist.
So here is to daily painting.
My 30 painting all together:

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