Farm Fresh

These eggs are from our chickens. Lovely, vibrant red and blues and white shell colors and bright orange yolks. I guess it took a lot to get to this painting including raising the little baby chicks to watching them grow. Providing them with my own hand mixed of fresh organic grains and seeds to them finally start laying eggs! They have been laying for a couple of months and it is still a miracle to peek inside the nesting box and discover these little blessings!
Farm Fresh
12″ x 12″
oil on panel unframed
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  1. mimi boothby
    mimi boothby says:

    I already commented on facebook, but i wanted to say; this is one of the more beautiful paintings you’ve done. It actually reminds me of the watercolors you used to do. You just went crazy with shadows, colors, warmth and light and dark and composition and it worked. Congratulations!

  2. Srishti Wilhelm
    Srishti Wilhelm says:

    Mimi! Thanks so much!!! I I enjoy doing stilllife, because well, they are still, though the sun and shadows still move, I feel like I can still take my time with them. I need relax and give myself more time doing the landscapes… Don’t know why I feel like I have to hurry and complete a plein air in one hour or less! HA! I will get there 😀
    Check out some of my other impressionist still lives as well.


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