Juried Art Show – Award!!!

I haven’t updated my blog in the longest time…

I submitted 3 of my paintings to the local art center’s- Allied Arts of Yakima’s- Juried Art show.

Out of these the Woodland Stream and the Rhododendrons got selected this year!
AND, I have an award! 😀
Not sure which one of these won the award or what kind of award.

The show starts June 3rd with the award ceremony. I can hardly wait to find out! I am jumping up-and-down!!! 😀

I’ll post an update as soon as I find out. Guesses and bets welcome! 😉
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  1. Susan Liles
    Susan Liles says:

    Nice to see you again. This time of year is busy for artists and entering shows, still waiting for news on my submissions. Congrats on the award, how exciting,…love the painting Rhododendrons!

  2. perugina
    perugina says:

    That’s wonderful Srishti Congratulations so exciting! Keep us posted.
    Again (((hugs))) to you!
    They are all beautiful!
    I love the orchids the best on masa paper.

  3. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Susan- Nice to see you here too 🙂 Thanks so much! And all the very best on your submissions! I hope to hear good news from you soon! 😀

    Jane- Yes, it’s quite thrilling! thanks 😀

    Perugina- ((hugs)) right back attchaa! 😀
    Yes, I will definitely post the results as soon as I know it!

    Jan- Thanks sooo much! Nice to have friends like you all! 😀

    Nancy- Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love your muse painting 😀

  4. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Carol! you are too kind! 😀 Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

    Javi, you watercolors are gorgeous! Thanks so much for dropping by… 😀

  5. Monique McFadden
    Monique McFadden says:

    That is so awesome! But I am not surprised. You are so talented! I can’t make the reception but please post which one got the award…my gut feeling is the one in the woods, hmmmmm.
    Go Srishti!

  6. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Moni!!! thnaks so much!!!! 😀 ((hugs))
    It’s a big surprise, as I was planning not to enter this year, but changed my mind 2 days before the deadline! 😉 I will definitely post the results!!! 😀
    I was looking forward to seeing you… but some other time 🙂


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