Sunshine Award!

Christiane Kingsley of Christiane Kinglsley’s Art added some sunshine to my blog by awarding a Sunshine award to my blog. Thanks so much Christiane… it is an honor!
It’s my turn now to forward this award to the blogs that I admire and love!
Please check these art blogs out, they are truely amazing!

Carol Carter
Deb Ward
Laura Poss
Jeanette Jobson
Jane Minter
Patricia aka Perugina
Sandy Maudlin
Susan Liles
Kathy Wirth
Jean Haines

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  1. Laura D. Poss
    Laura D. Poss says:

    Thank you Sristi! So sweet of you to include me!!
    I’ll be sure to pass it on as soon as I can.. of course, you’re one of the first people who comes to mind to give it to! 😀

  2. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Susan!Thanks for being so inspiring!
    Jane! Thanks a lot for the sunshine that you always spread sround!
    Laura! 😀 thanks you are so sweet! 😀 XXOO


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