I always tend to kill orchids. It’s sad because I love them and I have looked up on how to take care of them, but they just don’t survive. But I will keep trying. These ones some friends brought over for me a couple of months ago and they are still blooming! Amazing!

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers, in my opinion, but there is also something alien-ish about them. Don’t you think? I have painted a few orchids and here is the latest one.

12″ x 12″
oil on gessoed panel
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  1. mimi boothby
    mimi boothby says:

    this is one of my favorite color combinations, the lavender flowers with orangy background; i use this for a lot of my mail art. Your orchids don’t look dead. I welcome comments on my blog too!

  2. Srishti Wilhelm
    Srishti Wilhelm says:

    thanks Mimi, yes, absolutely, I am so sorry about that. I have to subscribe to a feed to your blog and get the feeds. (And I know it’s so important too. ) I will do a feed thingy right now 😛


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