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Christiane Kingsley of Christiane Kinglsley’s Art added some sunshine to my blog by awarding a Sunshine award to my blog. Thanks so much Christiane… it is an honor!
It’s my turn now to forward this award to the blogs that I admire and love!
Please check these art blogs out, they are truely amazing!

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Laura Poss
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I forgot to take pictures of several stages before this stage, but here is what I did tonight:
After all the atmospheric pours of red, yellow and blues were done and I was satisfied with the values, I started the splattering!
Aureolin, Cadmium scarlet and Antwerp blue. Also some brown madder and ultramarine blue.

Removed the Masking in the sky and did a “liquid sunshine” pour of Winsor lemon!

And another pour of Winsor Red.

Started adding my trees!

Pretty happy with it so far… Though lost all my pencil lines in the pours 😉
This would be very interesting to see how it turns out!

I started this a few days ago along with the Mt Adams painiting. Though I didn’t manage to take many pictures…

Here are two pics of the priliminary pours… The painting is much further along than these pics though. I’ll definitely take some more pics tomorrow…

Here I am trying to floowing Ronald Roycraft’s method of pouring atmospheric primaries and splattering with warm primaries.
I have a commission for painitng a landscape of the Yakima Valley with the glorious Mt. Adams in the background, on watercolor Canvas…
All’s good but landscapes are sort of foreign to me 😀
I have been working on it for a few days and managed to take some pictures of the process. I am sort of following Ronald Roycraft’s method of pouring the atmospheric primaries to get a glow.

Pour of Winsor lemon.

This is where it stands now:
More pours of Yellow, Red and blue.

Pouring of Cobalt Blue +other blues.

Pour of Winsor Red