Woodland Stream – finished

Here is the finale…
Here I have just taken the masking off on the trees and bushes first, painted them, and then the masking on the water was taken off and finished up.
I am really happy with this 🙂

Woodland Stream
14×18 in
Arches CP paper
W&N artists’ watercolors
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  1. jane minter
    jane minter says:

    looks fantastic finished srishti … i wanted to award you the Sunshine Award ! before i received yours 🙂 ! … you can to see the list of the other recipients if you visit my blog .

    thankyou so much again


  2. jyothisethu
    jyothisethu says:


    went through the blog again…
    you are a wonderful artist…

    the technique you have explained in the previous posts is interesting…
    i think people like you are likely to make me, who blog to publish the works of my husband and son, an artist one day!



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