Woodland Stream – WIP

I started this a few days ago along with the Mt Adams painiting. Though I didn’t manage to take many pictures…

Here are two pics of the priliminary pours… The painting is much further along than these pics though. I’ll definitely take some more pics tomorrow…

Here I am trying to floowing Ronald Roycraft’s method of pouring atmospheric primaries and splattering with warm primaries.
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  1. Sandy Maudlin
    Sandy Maudlin says:

    Nita Engle taught this process to Roycraft, and youre doing wonderfully with it. Thanks for the award, though there’s seldom time to pass it on. I appreciate your kindness and thinking of me.

    Keep up the good work. You are an excellent artist.Thanks for stoping by my blog, too.

  2. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Thanks a lot Sandy for dropping by and giving me the insight on this technique!
    I absolutely understand the lack of time issue…
    I have lurked around you blog a lot and have learnt a lot… Thanks for the inspiration! I really appreciate it!


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