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What a strange month! It passed by too quickly. It seemed like even before I got into the groove of painting a painting everyday, the month was over! Or in other words, it just didn’t feel like I painted 30, actually 29 paintings this month! I think partly because I mixed it up. Figure drawing once a week and figure painting session once a week. That took care of 7 paintings there. Then I did a lot of quick plein air landscape studies, which have double benefits! I paint a painting and then I go on a run wherever I was painting. Just recently did some still lives, which I love but they take time and I feel like I worked for them, but I only did a few of them. Big reason being that we had such a gorgeous and warm January! And I just wanted to be out of the house painting the lovely mountains and the air!

Funny though, the winter is here today. And you’ll be seeing a lot more still lives now, I am sure 😀

Here is a collage of all the artwork I did this month. Enjoy!


A wintery windy day today. Looks like the weather is catching up, I sure do hope we get some snow, though I was really enjoying the warm January we had!
So here is an indoor still life study for today. I haven’t painted under halogens in a long time. I have done all my paintings under sunlight for about two years now. Well beside the figure paintings, of course!
Went digging through my fridge and found these beauties… I love these sweet colorful peppers! So full of color and flavor, how can you resist!
Three peppers
Oil, 8″ x 10″
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Today was the last day to paint Natalie… So much excitement, anticipation and doubts. Would I be able to finish the painting today? I had so much to cover (oops, no pun intended!), I mean the canvas. I had no idea what I was going to do with the big white background that has stared me in the face for the lase three weeks.

If you have missed out on last two installments of the work-in-progress on this painting, here are the back issues:

Started with finishing up the figure.

Her hair, most amazing, reds, golds, darks, you name it and she had the color.

Starting to work on the back ground. I had about 45 more minutes to paint I had no clue of what to do.

So I started putting the blue in that I saw in the background in the studio and that took over and turned into a sky and then there was a sunrise/sunset (what do you think it looks like? Sunrise or Sunset? )

And then there was a beach! or cliffs where she is sitting.  You know what the funny thing is? The model is actually planning to go to the Bahamas or one of those places for a vacation in a couple of months!

So here she is:

24″ x 18″
oil on panel (unframed)
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We are having unusually warm weather here and warm weather calls for a cooling refreshing drink. Lemon water also reminds me of a good spring cleanse. But, who am I kidding, I know winter or spring storms are somewhere over the horizon.

But none the less it was good to soak up all the sunshine and warmth that I could paint this still-life setup today.
2014-01-26 12.52.37

I painted this on top of a previous painting that I was no too fond of. I am actually fascinated by the process of covering up these older paintings. I love how the new image emerges.
2014-01-26 12.52.54
And you can see the ghost of the old painting underneath. A very abstract design…
2014-01-26 13.22.31

And here is the finish:

Lemon Water
10″ x 8″
oil on panel
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Another view of the Bill Williams Mountain, with the blue distant mountain standing out against the golden grasses of winter.
I actually stood by the side of a 50 mph road where cars zoomed by me every minute or so sending a rumble and almost blowing my canvas off my easel! Beautiful view, and I will do it again if I had to but with beauty all over, I don’t need to! I prefer to find solitude and paint where no one’s around for miles! 🙂

Winter Plains
9″ x 12″
oil on panel (unframed)
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These eggs are from our chickens. Lovely, vibrant red and blues and white shell colors and bright orange yolks. I guess it took a lot to get to this painting including raising the little baby chicks to watching them grow. Providing them with my own hand mixed of fresh organic grains and seeds to them finally start laying eggs! They have been laying for a couple of months and it is still a miracle to peek inside the nesting box and discover these little blessings!
Farm Fresh
12″ x 12″
oil on panel unframed
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Here is my painting for the Day 21 of the 30 in 30 challenge.

Another one that I actually painted over an old painting. I feels like I am just starting to understand the power of oil paints. I come from a  watercolor background so I am always concerned about planning ahead. But this is quite interesting, in a good way or bad, you tell me…

Here are some step by step pictures.

2014-01-21 16.43.59

The view from an awesome trail, here in Prescott.

2014-01-21 16.44.08

Oh and here is my old painting that I am going to paint on top of. At first I thought that this would be distracting because of the things underneath. But once I start painting… it’s funny, I don’t see anything else but what I need to see.

2014-01-21 16.48.28

Now the magic begins as the blue mountain begins to emerge… I love this stage!

2014-01-21 16.51.49

2014-01-21 17.05.45

Oh and soon as I put the road down, I instantly knew how ugly that was! Ughh….

2014-01-21 17.16.31

So I painted over it! Ha! I am still know sure if the composition works or not but it seems to be telling me a story…

Heading North
oil on panel
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Monday morning figure painting today again! Too much fun to describe in words, but let me tell you, it is way too much “fun”! 😀
Anyway, started working on the fun part, the lights, today. See the color difference and paint them as such.
“If you are not seeing the shape of color, then you are not seeing the color.” I don’t remember if it was Henry Henshe who said that or was it Charles Hawthorne. But the goal here is to see the different color shapes and paint these on the canvas and you are sculpting the figure, color modeling the figure. You got the idea! Here are a few shots from today. I have one more Monday to work on this, and I still have a white canvas staring at me!
What do you think I should do with the background? A great artist once told me “There is no such thing as negative space.”






Here is the first part of this painting in progress:

And if you want to jump ahead, here is the finish!