Heading North

Here is my painting for the Day 21 of the 30 in 30 challenge.

Another one that I actually painted over an old painting. I feels like I am just starting to understand the power of oil paints. I come from a  watercolor background so I am always concerned about planning ahead. But this is quite interesting, in a good way or bad, you tell me…

Here are some step by step pictures.

2014-01-21 16.43.59

The view from an awesome trail, here in Prescott.

2014-01-21 16.44.08

Oh and here is my old painting that I am going to paint on top of. At first I thought that this would be distracting because of the things underneath. But once I start painting… it’s funny, I don’t see anything else but what I need to see.

2014-01-21 16.48.28

Now the magic begins as the blue mountain begins to emerge… I love this stage!

2014-01-21 16.51.49

2014-01-21 17.05.45

Oh and soon as I put the road down, I instantly knew how ugly that was! Ughh….

2014-01-21 17.16.31

So I painted over it! Ha! I am still know sure if the composition works or not but it seems to be telling me a story…

Heading North
oil on panel
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