Natalie (part 2), Day 20, 30 in 30

Monday morning figure painting today again! Too much fun to describe in words, but let me tell you, it is way too much “fun”! 😀
Anyway, started working on the fun part, the lights, today. See the color difference and paint them as such.
“If you are not seeing the shape of color, then you are not seeing the color.” I don’t remember if it was Henry Henshe who said that or was it Charles Hawthorne. But the goal here is to see the different color shapes and paint these on the canvas and you are sculpting the figure, color modeling the figure. You got the idea! Here are a few shots from today. I have one more Monday to work on this, and I still have a white canvas staring at me!
What do you think I should do with the background? A great artist once told me “There is no such thing as negative space.”






Here is the first part of this painting in progress:

And if you want to jump ahead, here is the finish!

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